Production Resources

Some of our clients have a need for “canned” music and sound effects. SoundsAtlanta is pleased to provide you with these aids. Sound Ideas and Hollywood Edgesound effects are no-charge libraries, including many thousands of quality sound effects and ambient backgrounds. The majority of the effects are in stereo.

If you know ahead of time, we can pick out a few for you to listen to when you arrive. Search & transfer time is $25 per hour.

The Westar Library has almost every type of music for production, with most tracks also available in edited “broadcast” lengths. All tracks are available for license to the client according to Westar’s rate card.

American Music Company and Freeplay Music are online web-based libraries which offer varying rates for usage and licensing. All of these are available online, including license forms, rates and downloads.

Clients can search these libraries ahead of time by going to their respective sites.

SoundsAtlanta also has a very large CD & vinyl library on site, containing many different styles of popular music, from rock to jazz. Any of these items may be negotiated directly through the Harry Fox Agency. Please call us at (404) 329-9438 or email to for bookings or quotes.