Clients often ask why our rates are so low, when the quality is as good or better than studios charging much more. The answer is simple. We maintain a low overhead, and most of our regular employees are freelance or “on call”. It’s also nice that we own all of the equipment, with no payments.

(Please note: Some rates are negotiable for larger projects.) All rates include engineer. Cash sessions are allowed.

Please ask about our special seasonal and block booking rates!

PayPal payments may be sent to SoundsAtlanta. Other forms may be sent to SoundsAtlanta (404)329-9438 or PO Box 49266 Atlanta, Ga. 30359


Studio recording

$55 per hour for live music recording, including engineer.
$50 per hour for vocal overdubs and sweetening.

Daily block rate
$450 per 10 hours. No charge for meal breaks (up to 1.5 hours).

CD media
Free for 1st copy. $5 each additional copy. Other media quoted on request. We guarantee our media, and will replace any product found to be defective. Media supplied by the client is at their sole risk, with no warranties.


$50 per hour, with one CD copy. Additional CD copies at $5 each. Clients may bring firewire or USB drives. Please be sure the formats are compatible. Our staff can answer any questions you may have on file compatibility.

Remote recording

Please call for a quote (404) 329-9438.

CD duplication

We will be pleased to recommend local companies for duplication of less than 500 CDs, and recommend DiscMakers for larger and commercial jobs. We are a partner with this company.

Transfer & editing

$40 per hour, including transfer into and out of ProTools & Cubase SX3/Nuendo. Includes client firewire or USB drives and pre-recorded CD media. Please see Mastering for more details on format transfers.


Single track: $75   2-4 tracks: $100   5-10 tracks: $150   11-15 tracks: $300   FLAT RATES. SECOND CD IN A SERIES, additional $200 per CD. CDs must be submitted in audio-playable form, or indicate original recording format. Client MUST supply all text info and codes where applicable. Including ISRC codes.

Remote (location) recording

Remote Recording includes an engineer and full crew, and is quoted PER PROJECT. Mixing and mastering are quoted separately, along with travel outside Atlanta’s 285 loop.

Archiving & vinyl / tape transfers

SoundsAtlanta can transfer almost any current and vintage or RARE formatted material to CD or other media. This includes: 8-Track, Cassette (All Noise Reduction types), 2-track, Quarter-track, 1/2-inch 2-track, wire recordings, and all forms of vinyl or old 78 recordings, including METAL discs. NOTE: Due to the varying nature of transfers, rates may vary due to time. Average transfer time is $35 per hour.

Sound forensics

Like restoration, forensics is an art. All projects are quoted separately.SoundsAtlanta will be glad to sign an affidavit where required. We use total discretion in all sensitive forensic projects.

Please call us with any requests or questions The information here is simply a guideline for current rates, and subject to change without notice.

Booking & cancellation policy

We will attempt to book your session at the time you request. If that time is not available, we can place your session on a “hold” by request in the event another session cancels. Deposits are refundable with 48 hours’ notice of cancellation.

Please call us at (404) 329-9438 or email to: SoundsAtlanta@aol.com for bookings or quotes.