Remote & Location Recording Services

We offer several different location recording services. All can be tailored to your needs.

The Kokopelli Sound Module® is a 48-track unit, capable of livemixing in stereo and 5.1 Surround for Film, Television, Radio, webcasting, and general location recording for concerts, church functions, festivals, theatrical productions, or anything requiring excellent location recording.

SMPTE & mono program reference available for up to 4 cameras.

Kokopelli is equipped with Nuendo/Cubase SX-3, and is completely ProTools compatible.

Our seasoned crew is experienced in all areas of production.

The unit has all of the amenities needed for a location booking, including coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, 4KW generator, communications and video interface with SMPTE in and out. Video cameras are included for stage monitoring.

Each booking is “stocked to order”, including up to 48 channels of splitters for P.A. interface and communications.

Our second unit is based on a Mackie Onyx series 16-channel firewire console, providing 16 discrete channels for post mixing (ProTools & Nuendo / Cubase compatible). This unit can also perform live mixes including conferencing and smaller music performances, as well as support for television events.

Support equipment

These items are available for all services:

  • Extensive inventory of microphones, stands, booms & cables. (Music or TV/Film)
  • 8-channel conferencing gate unit with 2 channels of override.
  • Marantz Professional flash disk recorder.
  • 3 channel stereo submixer. (May be used with flash recorder alone.)
  • Boom poles and custom microphone mounts.
  • Five channels of wireless microphones, including 3 hand-held units.
  • Portable computer for second unit recording.
  • “LIVE” CD-RW Recorder.
  • Limited coverage P.A., S.A., or Galaxy spot monitors.
  • Headphone monitoring system with choice of headphone types. (4 Wireless STEREO headphone/monitor units available by request.)
  • Communications (as required).

As the old saying goes, “If you don’t see it, please ask!”

SoundsAtlanta Kokopelli Sound Module®

“Where did THAT name come from?”, we are often asked.

Kokopelli is a Southwestern Indian legend. He was a prankster and musician (flute) who visited villages, bringing the rains and a bountiful crop each season. In appreciation, the villages would offer their virgins for his enjoyment. Legend has it that the population grew proportionately every year after Kokopelli made his visit.

We designed and built the module to go just about anywhere, be it a venue, festival, church, inside a building or outside someone’s house or barn. With low power requirements and its own 4KW generator, Kokopelli can work anywhere. Our seasoned crew makes it happen! The unit is available for booking in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina. Other locations by request. (Mileage charges apply.)

The unit handles all of these tasks:

  • Concerts
  • Live radio & TV film support
  • Webcasting
  • 24 or 48-track recording second unit support

In addition to an extensive array of onboard equipment, we supply all microphones, including wireless (RF) as required, and can interface to any P.A. console or video production truck. Full communications and video monitoring (site & stage) come as standard items. For “at your place” sessions, a 6-channel headphone monitoring system is available at no charge.

We will be pleased to supply a quote on any project. Please contact us at (404) 329-9438 or email

Need to record or support something more intimate?
In addition to the Kokopelli Module, we also offer a smaller & more portable 16-track unit equipped per order, as well as teleconferencing support, conference recording, heritage readings, and video support for “occasions” such as weddings, etc.